Rockwarbler (photo by Gail Bryant)

Last week we were fortunate enough to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. With help from staff we were able to video

Powerful Owl

Thanks for the information Dave and also to the Gardener/Ranger in the garden who persevered until he found the bird for us.

From a trip to North Queensland I was able to included the Fernwren and Bower’s Shrike-Thrush in my new DVDs even though I did not have a lot of footage. They are rarely seen so they add a little to the list. I was fortunate to also obtain footage of

Golden Bowerbird

Tooth-billed Bowerbird

this month, thanks to Jarrah Brand-Adams. The total is creeping up. That makes 335.

Perhaps the highlight of the month was a day in Kangaroo Valley where extra footage of


was obtained but where we also stood in a paddock with about 10 wombats. What a magic experience.