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We are Garry and Gail from NSW Australia, that have taken up  birdwatching (or birding) since retiring for travel, fitness and entertainment.

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We love travelling Australia to seek out the diverse wildlife.

Northern NSW Birdlife Campout

Northern NSW Birdlife Campout

Brahminy Kite (photo by Gail Bryant)
Early this month we travelled to South West Rocks for the annual Northern NSW Birdlife Spring Campout. It was nice to catch up with some familiar faces and about 160 species of birds for the weekend.

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500 Birds List

We are on a quest to video and photograph 500 Australian birds.

Australian Bird DVDs

We have spent countless hours filming and photographing Australian native birds and complied into 8 DVDS available for sale online now.

Free postage Australia wide and $10 off when you purchase 8 or more DVDs together.

Gone Birding

Gone Birding is a travel, birdwatching and life-after-retirement blog. All lovers of birds welcome!