Brown Gerygone (photo by Gail Bryant)

This species is fairly common on the edges and in the canopy of rainforests. It is the smallest and maybe the quickest of all the Gerygones. This makes it a difficult bird to video. By the time you find it in the viewfinder and the camera focuses, the bird has flown.

I had had a little success with this species at Dorrigo Rainforest Centre in May and as we were passing by on a regular basis we made an effort to obtain better photographs and some usable video each time. An alternate strategy was finally employed with a little success. After many hours of focussing on a limb and waiting for the bird to land there, I was finally successful in obtaining a minute of reasonable video. I few more good clips will not go astray as we pass by over the next two months. At least I have adequate video for my DVDs. That makes 496 on video.