Hi Garry,

Recently I was given 4 of your Australian Birds DVDs. As I am on my 3rd viewing, congratulations are due.

I carve and paint birds and use your images to get more detail about wings, tails, feet, eyes, colours etc. because of the clarity and presentation of the birds.

I have had several successful exhibitions of my bird carvings. Just google Ted Barraclough for further details if you are interested.
Many thanks,

by Ted B


Hi Garry

The DVDs arrived Thursday and I have already watched them all.

I want to commend you and your assistant on producing an excellent series. I am not a die hard birdwatcher but rather someone who has an interest in birds. I personally think that your DVDs beat a reference book hands down. By seeing the birds in motion makes it easy to pick up on the types of movements the different species make, which allows you in a lot of cases to identify the bird before you have had a chance at a close look. Seeing the bird making it’s call is also great. In my first viewing I have finally identified a mystery bird which I have heard calling in my area for years but never actually knew what it was (Pallid Cuckoo).

I have photographed some wildlife over the years and understand how difficult it is to get a nice shot with pesky leaves and branches always in the way, or that bird that will not sit still for more than a second. Your results are excellent and so is the picture quality. I have most of the David Attenborough BBC wildlife series and most of your footage is on par with them. I personally would remove the comment on your website that some quality is lost in the process because I am totally unaware of this when viewing the videos.

The only additions I would recommend would maybe be a map showing the distribution of the species, maybe as a slide between different species.

Anyway keep up the great work!

by Michael B


Thank you for your prompt delivery Garry. The DVD’s were a gift to avid bird watchers and we have just delivered them. Our friends were absolutely thrilled. Thank you for the thrill of giving them a treasured gift.

Regards Jenny


I just wanted to express my appreciation for these beautiful presentations. I…..although being no expert by a long stretch, love birds and am highly impressed with the quality of the footage and production of these discs (including the music) that I was able to purchase last week. Thank you so much. They are magnificent and brought me much joy. I feel privileged to have been able to access them. Just Superb!



I have been watching your videos and I think they are pretty good. Much enjoyed and useful. I particularly thought the shots of the Satin Bowerbird – both male and female at the bower, the Barking Owl actually “barking” and the Speckled Warbler were superb.

How did you manage the close-ups of the Brown Goshawk nest without being injured in attack?