Yellow-spotted Honeyeater (photo by Gail Bryant)

In order to miss the cold winter of Armidale, Gail and I travelled to Far North Queensland from mid June to mid July. We packed our cameras with anticipation of photographing and videoing many new birds. We knew that winter was not the ideal time for bird watching and that cyclone Yasi had had a detrimental affect on the birds of the area but we were hopeful.

While the birdlife was not plentiful, we were able to obtain many photos and video of over 20 birds that are not currently on the DVDs. In addition to the Yellow-Spotted Honeyeater the list includes:

Video clips of over 40 birds already on the DVDs were also taken. A special highlight was a

Southern Cassowary

in the wild in the Daintree rainforest. The weather was very cloudy for most of the trip but hopefully there will be some good video.