Kelp Gull (photo by Gail Bryant)

We spent the last two weeks on New Zealand’s South Island. Saw over 50 different species of birds while there – Tui, Weka, Kaka, Takahe, Pukeka, Chaffinch and other finches, Yellow-eyed Penguin, Blue Penguin, Kea, Tom-Tit, Bellbird, Oystercatchers, Skylark, Song Thrush, Blackbird, Grey Warbler, Royal Spoonbill, Harrier, Cormorants, Kingfisher, Godwit, etc. We were able to video and photograph a few birds that are also found in Australia, including the Kelp Gull, above, and

European Goldfinch

White-fronted Tern

Californian Quail


Shy Albatross

The South Island is a beautiful place – lovely scenery every day, friendly people and plenty of sheep on green fields.

The total is now 309. A long way to go!