Superb Lyrebird (photo by Gail Bryant)

Last week we had the pleasure to travel to Kangaroo Valley. What a quiet and beautiful place. A contact from the area told us we might see a Superb Lyrebird at Fitzroy Falls and if we were very lucky we might find a Rockwarbler, as well as a couple of other species that I don’t have on video. As we parked the car at the Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre my wife spotted a

Superb Lyrebird

directly in front of the car. We couldn’t believe our luck! Some nice video and photographs were taken at the centre but alas no display – maybe one day. The following day we drove to Tallowa Dam and to our surprise the


was feeding from the rocks at the foot of the dam wall. It was much harder to video as it never sat still for any length of time. Anyway, that’s 326.