Crested Bellbird (photo by Gail Bryant)

In late June, Gail and I undertook a 7000km trip to Alice Springs. Our first major stop was Bowra Sanctuary near Cunnamulla. Some interesting footage, especially of

White-plumed Honeyeater

was taken but no new species were found. Through Central Queensland conditions were poor for birding – hardly sited a Willie Wagtail for 1000km. Across the Plenty Highway we saw such species as Wedge-tailed Eagles and

Brown Falcon

but again nothing new. In Alice Springs I hired Mark Carter for a day of birding. With his help I was able to video

Grey-headed Honeyeater

Grey-fronted Honeyeater

Western Gerygone

Slaty-backed Thornbill


Crimson Chat

and Crested Bellbird. What a full-on day it was. We also obtained improved video of

Black-breasted Buzzard

In Olive Pink Botanic Gardens I picked up the

Western Bowerbird

displaying in the bower.

A highlight of the trip was a visit to Desert Park just outside Alice. Here I was able to video

Chirruping Wedgebill

Chiming Wedgebill

Dusky Grasswren

Cinnamon Quail-Thrush

Inland Dotterel

Orange Chat

Painted Finch

Another great day.

In South Australia I finally obtained reasonable video of the

Little Crow

This made a total of 16 new species for the trip. In addition, we saw all the sites of Central Australia and took improved video of about 20 species. Gail took thousands of photos. So August was spent editing video and photographs. The total number of species on video is now 423.