Australian Ringneck (photo by Gail Bryant)

We flew to Perth on October 21 for two weeks of birding in the SW of WA and a week of veterans cricket in Perth in November. We had a list of about 20 species that we thought would be possible to video and photograph. What a wonderful part of Australia! We saw whales breaching, magnificent timber, wonderful scenery and many lovely birds and we met many helpful people. In the end I was able to obtain video of 14 new species and improved video of many species. Gail photographed many new species and thoroughly enjoyed the region.

The new species were:

Major improvements were made to:

The biggest dips were: Western Spinebill, Western Wattlebird, Western Corella, Rock Parrot and Fairy Tern.
The total number of species on the DVDs is now 456. Will I ever get to 500?
All in all a very successful trip. The cricket was a different story – we lost the final!