Zebra Finches (photo by Gail Bryant)

Where is Bullarah you may well ask? Well it’s about 70km west of Moree, NSW. While looking at the eBird site I noticed a submission from Pat at Bullarah. His website had a few species that I still hadn’t videod and after asking about the possibility for a short visit, I headed off for Bullarah.

Pat had set up a small wetland about 10m long by 3m wide by placing 4 irrigation sprinklers up an old windmill frame. With a few dead branches in the puddles that form, and a nearby fence for the birds to perch before approaching the branches for a drink and bath on very hot summer days, it was an ideal place to photograph and video birds. If only every property owner would make such a small effort to make life a bit easier for our feathered friends, what a difference it could make.

Over 2 days I was able to video three new species;

Black Honeyeater

Little Button-Quail

Black-eared Cuckoo

and obtained excellent video of a few other species. I was particularly happy with extra video of

Horsfield’s Bronze-Cuckoo

and Zebra Finches, and Pat also found 4 new species that inhabit his property. A great couple of days. It’s not often that I obtain video of three new species in a weekend. The total is now 468.