Ground Cuckoo-Shrike (photo by Gail Bryant)

Last week we had to travel to Goondiwindi for the weekend. On the way we stopped at a cricketing friend’s property in Delungra. He had told me he had Ground Cuckoo-Shrike there. On arrival he showed us the tree that had a nest with two young. On the other side of the same tree were Kestrels with two fledglings. Great video and photos were obtained even though the temperature was in the high 30’s.

While there we mentioned that

Banded Lapwing

were nowhere near as common as they used to be. I had only seen about 6 in 10 years of birding. He said he had plenty of them and proceeded to take us to another paddock on his property. We couldn’t believe it when we saw 6 to 8 Banded Lapwings under each tree. There were over 30 in total. Needless to say a bit more video was taken and Gail took a lot of photos.

Total 493! Where can I find 7 more?